Setup and adjust regatta race courses with your tablet

Perfectly aligned race courses!

Get more sailing done in a day

Safe time and money, use Smartmark buoys for your regatta

Setup a race course in minutes and adjust it when needed. Input lengths and type of race course wanted and push the button. It really is as easy as that!

  • Less boats on the water, less volunteers needed

  • Adjust the entire race course instantly when needed (wind shifts)

  • No anchors needed, sailing in very deep water possible

  • Many default race courses at your disposal, or make your own

  • Powerful batteries ensure 24HR of usage!

less boats, less volunteers needed

Why you safe time and earn money with Smartmark buoys

Safe time

Smartmark buoys are able to move independently to their positions. At the touch of a button perfect race courses can be set and adjusted within seconds by just one person!

Safe money

Because Smartmark buoys can move independantly and are controlled by one person you do not need extra volunteers and boats on the water to lay and change the buoys.

Sponsor income

Smartmark buoys are highly visible. And because they are so big you have a lot of space available for the regatta sponsors. The sleeves of the buoys can be customized according to your sponsors wishes.

Six years of development

Smartmark buoys stay in their position

Drone technology

The Smartmark buoys are powered by drone technology. Sensors and gyro's monitor position and determine drift. Electrical propellers steer the buoy back in position when needed.

Strong batteries

Smartmark buoys are equipped with powerful Lithium batteries. The batteries are highly efficient and ensure 100% functionality during the day in the most harsh conditions.

Advanced GPS

Smartmark Buoys have an unique sensor concept. The buoys are equipped with the latest position technology. This guarantees the highest reliability in deviations of the GPS signal.

With Smartmark buoys you can plan regattas in very deep water!

Sturdy buoys

The Smartmark buoys drone technology makes sure it stays in its position in stormy weather, heavy swells and strong currents.

No more swaying on long anchor lines

When you use an anchor line in deep water buoys can start swinging at the end of these lines. Smartmark buoys don't swing, they stay in their designated position, without the use of an anchor.